Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Confused Customer Purchases a Windows Phone

In an unusual turn of events, At&t has sold a Windows Phone. The HTC Windows Phone X, was sold to a young man named Jimmy Tolbert. "Yeah, I guess it was the bright color of the case that attracted me to it," Tolbert reports.

But Tolbert realized something was wrong shortly after his purchase. "As I was walking away, I heard an employee shout 'Yes! We sold one!'. That is when I knew something was wrong."

When Tolbert arrived home, we quickly powered on his phone expecting to be greeted by the standard grid of icons he has come to love. What he experience instead, was a colorful array of squares and rectangles. Perplexed, he swiped and tapped through the interface in a vain attempt to find something meaningful. And that is when reality struck him like a sack of potatoes. "Internet Explorer. That thing that I hate on my computer. It was on this phone."

Tolbert tried to return the phone to At&t, but was not able to. According to an At&t representative, the company was no longer allowing Windows Phones to be returned. "The sheer number of these things that we have just lying around... it is unfathomable. We've got to get rid of these!"

Later that week, Microsoft issued a statement apologizing to anyone who had bought a Windows Phone. They also stated that they would be returning to their old policy of just making carbon copies of the products of other companies rather than trying to come up with unique ideas.

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